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Международная федерация новуса

14-15 марта в Зеленограде (Москва) завершился 2-й этап Кубка Мира по новусу
Поздравляем призеров и участников международного рейтингового турнира по новусу.
Сегодня 22.02.2020 на 66 году жизни, после тяжелой болезни ушел от нас Эрикс Целминьш.
Выражаем соболезнование семье и всему новусному сообществу. Это большая утрата для всех нас.
Поздравляем победителей и участников первого дня турнира в USA
08.02.2020 завершился первый день 1-й этапа кубка Мира по новусу в Los Angeles
Приглашаем подавать заявки на II этап Кубка Мира по новусу в России
14-15 марта 2020 года в г. Зеленоград, Москва пройдет очередной международный рейтинговый турнир.
Результаты 10-го финального турнира международного рейтинга FINSO
21.12.2019 в Риге завершился ежегодный турнир FINSO "Игрок года 2019"

Germany Cologne 2008

Federation International of Novuss-Sport Organisations



(American Novuss Association)


 Proud Sponsors



The President FINSO Juris Kiriks




The President ANA Atis Blakis



Tournament regulations

Положение о соревновании

International rating tournament

FINSO stage 2

Международный рейтинговый турнир, 2-й этап кубка Мира по новусу

Los Angeles Spring Cup

Весенний кубок Лос-Анджелеса

individual competitions, men, women and doubles

индивидуальный зачет среди мужчин, женщин, а также парный турнир

February 28th and March 1st, 2015

1. Goals and Objectives

1.1. Popularization of Novuss in USA in cooperation with FINSO! Join FINSO

1.2. Consolidation of Novuss games and sports in the international community.

1.3. Increasing sportsmanship between Novuss players.

2. Time and Place



1955 Riverside Dr.  Los Angeles CA 90039, California USA

Link to maps





February 28th and March 1st  2015 Starting at 10:00am



February 27th at 12:00 noon - 5:00 pm Introductions/Practice

3. Competition Guide

On behalf FINSO, American Novuss Association, hereinafter ANA, will organize and conduct the completion with the following panel of judges approved by FINSO:


Tournament Coordinator


Janis Daugavietis

cell 001-949-290-3122

Chief Judge


Martins Leikarts

cell 001-310-717-7577

Deputy Chief Judge


Jimmy Van Dixhorn

cell 001-714-618-4230

Technical Director


Vilnis Auzins

cell 001-818-692-6063


The judge in the “Field” of the participating countries of the tournament will be appointed by the Chief Judge upon arrival at the tournament into the final protocol.

4. Events and Participants

Competitions are held in accordance with the rules approved FINSO and ANA.


Requirements for participation in the completion are not limited to the following:  Players minimum age at time of tournament must be 14 years or older.  Compliance with the rules of competition and this document.  National Federation representation of a country.

If a youth tournament does not take place the decision on participation for players less than 14 years in the main competition is up to the discretion of FINSO, tournament organizer, as well as with the consent of the player’s parents.


Players under 14 can only participate in one tournament during the game day.


Delegations that contain more than three participants will have a least one judge assigned to the group of judges during the tournament.



The first day will hold individual competitions for men and women.

The second day will hold double co-competition for men and women.



Participants from countries outside the FINSO organization can have their respective country flag shown with the approval of FINSO and the organizer of the Tournament.  In cases of dispute the decision taken by the FINSO president will temporarily preside until the recognition of this country is approved.

5. Registration Fee


Day of competition

For players of the basic tournament

For juniors (under **** was born)

For disabled people

First day of competition in the individual standings.




First and second day of competition in the individual standings and doubles tournament




Second day of competition in the doubles tournament. Each player pays individually.




President FINSO exempt from the registration fee.

Members of the Board FINSO (one person from each country), the heads of national delegations, and judges are also exempt from the registration fee. Women’s entry fee is discounted $10 each day.


5.1. Head of the national delegation must apply to participate in the tournament no later than 20 calendar days before it starts or no later than the 7th (seventh) February 2015.


5.2. Registration fee is transferred to the organizer of the tournament heads of national delegations.


5.3. The contribution must match the number of players listed in the previously filed application.

5.4. In case of failure of one or more players from the tournament, which occurred after receipt of the application by the tournament organizer, the registration fee is not reduced by the delegation (players are not refundable)

5.5. Responsible for transferring funds to the organizer of the tournament earlier in the specified size, carries the head of a national delegation.

5.6. If after filing, but not later than 24 hours before the start of the tournament, there will be adding to the national delegation of players, it must be approved by the tournament organizer. In this case the player must pay a registration fee of 20% more than the set for this tournament.

6. The procedure for determining the winner

Competition will be in accordance with the rules approved by FINSO and ANA.

6.1. The system of competition is determined FINSO and Tournament Coordinator by the number of players.

6.1.1. When the number of players 21 and over, play by the Swiss system in eleven (11) rounds (with up to 20 participants, inclusive play is held via round robin).

6.1.2. Twin games are played on the 'Swiss' system in seven (7) rounds.

6.2. Regardless of the applied systems play sets or 6 to 4 wins.

The victory is awarded for winning in 4 sets. If each player has won 3 sets - awarded to a draw.

For victory accrue one (1) point for a draw of 0.5 points per loss - 0 points.


6.3. The winner is the participant who has scored the most points.

To determine the winner of the tournament with the same number of points between two participants, a replay of seven sets will occur and in the doubles competition a replay of the five sets. In other cases of a tie the winner is defined as follows.


6.4. while playing a round robin:

6.4.1. coefficient Zonnenborna - Berger (summed points scored participants whose player won,    and half of the total points scored by the participants, with whom he played in a draw);

6.4.2. Smul'jan coefficient (first summed Member Points, the player who won, then summed Member Points, which he lost difference between these values is a factor of the participant);

6.4.3. number of wins;

6.4.4. Head to Head meetings.


6.5. while playing on the Swiss system:

6.5.1. Buchholz coefficient (summed Points scored all rivals player);

6.5.2. incomplete Buchholz coefficient (a factor not accounted for opponents with the least amount of points);

6.5.3. coefficient Zonnenborna - Berger;

6.5.4. distribution of players on the international rating FINSO over the past four (4) years.

7. Awarding Ceremony

Participants who took the first three places will be awarded with diplomas, medals and prizes.

For doubles games players receive awards for 1, 2, 3 places for men, women mixed pairs. Each player in the pair receives a prize.


All the participants will receive commemorative stickers, buttons and medals with tournament FINSO logo.

8. Conditions of Participation

All costs associated with transport, accommodation and participation in the competition, the participants are on their own. Supplies will be provided by competition organizers. Each participant must have a striker and cue.

9. Applications

Responsible organization in each country - the general standard member sends a request to the Team Leader. The application is sent to the organizer of the tournament and the FINSO secretary.

Before the draw of the tournament all applications, including the application of the host country, shall be initialed by the President of FINSO or designated representative of the president.


Team Leader - Member must provide the tournament organizers, prior to the competition, the national anthem to be performed at the awards ceremony and / or discovery.


Applications must be transmitted no later than 20 calendar days before the tournament starts or no later than the 7th (seventh) of February 2015.


For participants from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine advance notification should be sent, preferably before February 1, 2015


Applications will be accepted:

tel: 001 949 290 3122 E-mail: info@novussusa.com and Vladimir Ivin: novussport@gmail.com

Payment must be made in USD before the competition.


Latvia Estonia uses ESTA approval is issued on the website of the Embassy of the country via the Internet. ESTA entitles the USA is in 3 months. About Germany organizers no concrete information.

Drinks and snacks will be offered without additional charges.

Flights are recommended to be bought round trip tickets if possible, due to constraints related to difficulties of coordinating one-way tickets.

Organizers recommend use of any major airline carrier.  For Eastern European and Russian participants: Aeroflot, KLM, or other carrier, via online purchase.